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October 9, 2022
Citizens Journal
KL Wellness City challenges Malaysians to live healthier
October 8, 2022
Lumi News
吉隆坡康健之城举办健身挑战赛 鼓励国人过上更健康生活
October 8, 2022
U Food Oriental Daily
吉隆坡康健之城举办健身挑战赛 鼓励国人过上更健康生活
October 7, 2022
Business News
KL Wellness City Mengajak Rakyat Amal Cara Hidup Lebih Sihat
October 4, 2022
The Vibes
True wealth is wellness, not dollars and cents: Santhara Kumar
August 9, 2022
Malaysian Business
KL Wellness City announces Kuala Lumpur Wellness Festival, a 10-day Festival to promote holistic wellbeing lifestyle for Malaysians and foreigners in Malaysia.
August 8, 2022
August 8, 2022
The Star
Inaugural KL wellness festival off to healthy start in Bukit Jalil
August 2, 2022
Focus Malaysia
KL Wellness City ups the ante in 10-day health & wellness festival
August 2, 2022
吉隆坡健康节  一起运动保健齐健康

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