Master Plan



Imagine a city, dedicated to healthcare and wellness. Where healthy living as we know it, is reborn in a new light. Located in Kuala Lumpur, the modern capital of Malaysia. A nation with a rapidly growing medical tourism sector. At the forefront of wellness and healthcare, KL Wellness City will be the first in Southeast Asia to cultivate a lifestyle fully integrated with healthcare.

Pioneering a comprehensive ecosystem embodying healthcare and wellness living, KL Wellness City’s concept is uniquely modelled by its declaration to redefining, strengthening, and broadening our experience of health and quality of life.

Sharing in this vision of building a 360-degree wellness hub, the KL Wellness City community will boast an International Tertiary Hospital, medical specialist suites, innovation laboratories, clinical R&D facilities, healthcare company office towers, retirement resort, healthcare mall, wellness-centric serviced apartments, fitness-based central park, and more. Serving as a healthcare nexus, these pivotal elements collectively render KL Wellness City the ultimate one-stop oasis for the body and the mind.


Wellness Redefined

Each component of KL Wellness City is carefully conceptualized to excel both independently and collectively as a part of the community’s healthcare-integrated lifestyle.


KL Wellness City will boast an International Tertiary Hospital offering Centres of Excellence across areas including cardiology, spine health, neuro health, sports medicine, plastic cosmetic surgery and fertility. Further supplemented by a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) centre and hundreds of specialist suites from medical practitioners representing all disciplines of healthcare, KL Wellness City will establish a comprehensive catalogue of healthcare. Additionally, KL Wellness City is designed to be fundamentally conducive for facilitating healthcare professionals – doctors and scientists alike – in their research studies. With R&D laboratories and facilities for clinical studies across a variety of fields, KL Wellness City will be well-equipped to work at the forefront of medical innovation.


From the healthcare mall and central park to wellness-centric serviced apartments, KL Wellness City is committed to elevating the quality of life beyond the boundaries of healthcare. In line with this, the city’s retirement resort homes will incorporate Independent Living Units (ILU) with the concept further extending into multi-generation homes where lifestyle living is designed to balance privacy and community.

With KL Wellness City’s comprehensive ecosystem, the one-stop wellness hub will be positioned to serve as the country’s primary platform for integrated healthcare, as well as Southeast Asia’s ultimate destination for health and medical tourism.

The Nobel Healthcare Park

Medical, wellness, business & retail suites

Wellness Suites

Furnished suites for short-term stay, independent living or home office usage

Serviced Apartments

Health & fitness-focused lifestyle residences

Healthcare Mall

Lifestyle & Healthcare retail

The International Tertiary Hospital

A state-of-the-art facility approved as a 624-bed tertiary hospital and scalable to 1,000-bed capacity

Central Park

Direct Link Bridge (Level 1 & 3)

from The Nobel Healthcare Park to the International Hospital @ KL Wellness City

The Nobel
Healthcare Park

In the heart of the bustling Bukit Jalil with notable landmarks at its periphery, now lies The Nobel Healthcare Park, the first-of-its-kind medical and wellness hub, which is set to reinvent the way medical professionals operate and manage their practices, and just as importantly, how those in need of care receive treatment.

Tertiary Hospital

International Hospital @ KL Wellness City is approved as a 624-bed tertiary hospital and scalable to 1,000-bed capacity. Aimed to become the most well-equipped and modern hospital in the region with a comprehensive catalogue of healthcare, The International Tertiary Hospital supports medical practices within KL Wellness City as well as those living and working here.

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